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Westwood College was established in Denver, Colorado, in 1953. For a long time, the school was known as Denver Institute of Technology, offering recognition and degree programs in an assortment of specialized fields. As the school ventured into different businesses, the name was changed to Westwood College.

Westwood College turned out to be a piece of Alta Colleges Inc. (Alta), an arrangement of for-benefit advanced education foundations that additionally included Westwood College Online and Redstone College (once in the past known as Colorado Aero Tech in Denver). Preceding stopping activities, there were 15 Westwood College grounds situated in five states.

Issues and debates

2009 Class activity suit

In May 2009, Westwood settled a government claim over distortion of its graduation measurements for $7 million, without conceding wrongdoing.[5]

Westwood confronted a class activity intervention in 2009, testing its confirmations and monetary guide rehearses. The suit against Westwood was rejected after the court found that it didn’t warrant class activity status. The court decided that the understudy who drove the class-activity suit determined “most if not all, of his insight into the case from his lawyers” and gave off an impression of being minimal in excess of an onlooker to the suit.[6][7]

The Colorado Attorney General’s office achieved a settlement with the school in 2012, after a two-year examination, in which the school did not concede any risk but rather consented to pay $2 million in punishments, compensation, and lawyers expenses and expenses to the state. Westwood was likewise required to credit another $2.5 million in compensation straightforwardly to understudies who financed their educational cost with the school’s institutional financing program.[8]

2011 exclusion by Veterans organization

In 2011, the Veterans Administration excluded three Westwood College Campuses from the GI Bill Program. The VA made this stride in the wake of finding, “incorrect, tricky, and misdirecting promoting and enlistment rehearses at these institutions.”[9] In late 2011, Westwood quit selecting understudies in their Texas grounds.

On January 18, 2012, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan documented a claim refering to deluding openings for work for Westwood’s criminal equity program.[10] Westwood settled the suit in 2015 in the wake of neglecting to pick up expulsion of the case. Westwood consented to pay $15 million toward the advances of their criminal equity students.[11] Shortly from there on the school stopped conceding new students[12] and declared that it would shut in March 2016.[4] Westwood has recognized that as a rule its credits won’t exchange to different universities or universities.[13]


Westwood College Online offered 25 degree projects. Coursework was finished altogether over the Internet by means of sound/visual innovation intended to imitate a genuine study hall. The virtual homerooms were enhanced with genuine course readings.

Westwood College set up organizations with a few state funded school areas to give innovation, support and money.[14] The associations incorporate Atlanta Public Schools,[15] “A Better Chicago”[16] and the Crushers Club in Chicago,[17] and the KidsTek[18] program at Denver Public Schools.[19]

Educational programs

Westwood College worked on a term plan. Degree programs began five times each year, and courses were offered all year amid the day, evening, and on the web. Contingent upon the degree program in which they were selected, understudies could win a partner degree in as meager as 20 months or a four year certification in three years.

Westwood College’s degree programs were sorted out under six schools: School of Business, School of Design, School of Justice, School of Technology, School of Healthcare and Automotive Technology. Every grounds had an alternate program center and a few projects were not accessible at specific areas, contingent upon the provincial monetary factors and request.

Understudies who moved on from Westwood could return for educational cost free retraining, which enabled them to assess and audit courses that were inside their degree program. Westwood graduated class could review a class they took amid their residency, take a refreshed course after graduation and keep on finding out about new hardware and programming.

New understudies were permitted to take classes for 30 days with no budgetary commitments. The school likewise offered a “Work Pledge”[20] to help qualified alumni monetarily in the event that they were unfit to discover work after graduation.[21]


Westwood College’s grounds areas were broadly authorize by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).[22][23][24][25][26] Each grounds was likewise affirmed to work by the proper state administrative bodies.[27] [28][29]

Westwood College Online was authorize with the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).[


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